What people are saying about Awakening Your Truth...



"Thank you for creating a space for us to be part of a community of open, vulnerable, kind people.  It allowed me to grow and stretch and be safe while trying on new ideas and practices."

"Thank you for your "realness" and sharing transparently - you set a warm, inviting and safe climate for us."

"Thank you!  Laura your demeanor and presentation of the material was warm and welcoming."

"You are shining lights of love and wisdom.  God bless you."

What meant so much to me on this retreat was:
"The activity of asking what I would do if I wasn't afraid."

"Being able to get away from daily life and focus on self."

"Good tools to take home and use all day."

"The vulnerability of people sharing their stories and feeling connected in some way to each person."

"Understanding and recognizing our common-humanity."

"The gentle energy of acceptance and inquiry.  The time to process.  The emphasis on meditation and experiencing Source energy."

I take with me especially:
"A greater sense of peace with myself knowing others struggle with self compassion and being kind to themselves."

"Breathing into resistance."

"Breath of Love."

"New ways to find compassion, kindness and forgiveness when I'm in emotional crisis."

"The Ho'Oponopono forgiveness practice."


In quietness all things are answered
— A Course in Miracles