Individual Spiritual Counseling

Reverend Laura Davida Preves meets friends of the heart in a loving and gentle space.  This is a time to sit with questions, grievances, roadblocks, joy, and to remember your pure innocence within it all.

What is Spiritual Counseling?  A Spiritual Counselor is a listening presence, which allows an intimate time to reflect with another about your spiritual life. It is sought out by those who desire to become more aware and intentional about their relationship with the God of their understanding.

This is the ministry that invites you to listen and discover the deeper movements of this Power in your life. It is an opportunity to reflect with a friend of the heart about your journey.

Spiritual Counseling invites you into a deeper relationship with this Power whether you attend church, mosque, temple, synagogue or none of these. God meets you where you are on the path.

What is the intent?   Spiritual Counseling provides a space and a focused opportunity to explore and deepen your relationship with God with a confidential and professional companion.

Within each of us lies the desire to find meaning beyond the moment… to discover our true selves… to grow closer to God and to one another. Spiritual Counseling can help satisfy that longing.

What is discussed?    One on one spiritual counseling encompasses all areas of life. This includes our relationship with self, others and God, questions of faith, sorrows, joys and discernment for life’s decisions. Often people seek out spiritual counseling during a time of crisis or a time of transition in their lives. The Spiritual Counselor supports you listening to your life with care and dignity.

Please contact Laura directly to schedule.

Fee: $75 per one hour session