The Heart of Self-Compassion - Currently Being Offered Through Pathways of Minneapolis -

Ellie Hyatt, Self-Compassion

Ellie Hyatt, Self-Compassion

Most people believe that self-criticism is an effective motivator, as it provides the illusion of being in control.  Motivation by self-criticism is harmful, as it comes from fear of being worthless and focuses solely on self-improvement.  Motivation with self-compassion comes from the desire for health and well-being.  Self-compassion emphasizes self-acceptance not self-improvement, allowing someone to hold themselves in a place of love exactly as they are in that moment.  Self-compassion provides the emotionally supportive environment needed for change and growth.

Participants will experience presentation, meditation, and group exercises.


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Perhaps right now would be an excellent time to give yourself a gentle hug of love.
— Laura Davida Preves