Laura Davida Preves

 Laura Davida Preves,  Founder    Forgiveness as a Path to Wholeness/Breath of Love

Laura Davida Preves, Founder

Forgiveness as a Path to Wholeness/Breath of Love

What we do from joy expresses love; what we do from fear calls for love.
— Alan Cohen

Founder and President of Awakening your Truth, Laura Davida Preves is an ordained interfaith minister, spiritual counselor and professional musician. As a life-long student of A Course in Miracles, Laura embraces forgiveness as her central spiritual path and teaches love and acceptance.

Laura embraces all spiritual paths or none.  She has a deep knowledge of 12 step spirituality and the teachings of Jeshua.  Most of all, Laura recognizes the importance of living by the tenet – “Only Love Heals.”  It is from this space that she teaches and meets friends of the heart.

Those who choose to experience classes or individual sessions with Laura will reconnect with their natural sense of wholeness and feeling of calm well-being.  Her goal is always to remind each one of their true essence as love, light and pure innocence.  This is done through deep listening, guided imagery, and meditation.

Laura’s training includes 30 years of music performance as a professional bassoonist, interspiritual counseling, chaplaincy internship, life coaching and intuitive development training.  Laura attended a 15 day Palpable Forgiveness intensive with Jayem of the Way of Mastery Pathway.  Professional presentations have included Innovations in Recovery national conference - San Diego, Venerable Woman - Saint Paul.  She teaches regularly at Pathways of Minneapolis - a health crisis resource center.

Laura’s education is from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, New York, NY; Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY; The Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, CA;  Quest Fields, Inc., Saint Paul, MN; and the teachings of Oneness through Jeshua.

She is a member of the Order of Universal Interfaith (, an organized religious body providing an ecclesiastic home for interfaith, interspiritual and integral individuals from all faith and spiritual paths, cultures and ethnic groups.

"I Am a Channel for Grace" from Meditations on the Light