Perception - by Ellie Hyatt

The first definition in the dictionary of perception is “the way you think about or understand someone or something.” We all develop habitual patterns of thought that unconsciously interfere with perception. If the habitual patterns aren’t challenging enough to our ability to be present, consider there are many million of stimulus around me at all times and my ability to see them is greatly limited. I see what I am looking for. For example, have you ever noticed when you get a new car, you now notice the cars like yours? They have been there all along, you just didn’t “see” them.

I have heard it said about addiction, that it is a “disease of perception.” Iknow that my perception has been greatly impacted by my life experience and the unconscious conclusions I have reached starting in my childhood. At the same time, I believe when spirit is involved with my circumstances I can’t imagine the possibilities. These are important ideas but unless I have a way to apply them they are do not help me find acceptance or peace of mind when life circumstances are challenging and I am experiencing dis-ease!

It seems as I progress on this path to awakening to truth, I am asked to continue to grow and heal bypracticing my beliefs. The process of change begins with awareness. On the subject of perception,  I have become aware of a gap between what I say I believe and how I approach my life! I still spend a lot of time trying to “figure things out.” If I believe there is a limit in my ability to imagine what is possible, a more useful approach, when presented with a challenge, would be to involve spirit. 

In recent months this has become my new practice. When I become aware that my mind is stuck trying to change how I am thinking about something, I now ask spirit to show me another way to see the situation. Every timehave done this, I have experienced relief. I don’t necessarily get an new perspective immediately, but trust one will be given. I am then free to be present to whatever I am doing and sure enough I eventually see my situation with new possibilities!