A Loving Response to Hatred - Rev. Laura Davida Preves

Events of hardened hearts and soul sickness are a call for us to look within at our own hearts, thoughts and actions. 

This time in our country and our own lives is a perfect opportunity to practice the delicate balance of forgiveness - setting an appropriate limit while simultaneously blessing the heart of your perceived "enemy." 

Somewhere within that heart of hatred is a spark of love and gentleness. It is our job to see that part. To look beyond the behavior of fear and smallness that our eyes are seeing and perceive the beauty that has been so covered up and forgotten. This is where the healing is.

Yes, the actions of hatred must be stopped, however let us not meet hatred with our own hatred. Remember, appropriate limit setting with a gracious heart. Praying for the softening of the hearts of hatred whether it be your own or someone elses.

So be it.