Introduction to My Journey by Ellie Hyatt

Hello, and welcome to Awakening Your Truth and my first blog! I want to introduce myself and that includes talking about my “work” at this stage of my journey toward wholeness.


These past few years my head and heart have been drawn to self-compassion. It started innocently enough when a friend invited me to go hear Kristin Neff speak at the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota. I had never heard of her but, enjoyed the company of my friend and decided to go.


Kristin did all of the things I value in a speaker/teacher. She was authentic, credible, carried herself lightly and with an open heart. Shespoke to an audience of several hundred people and in that setting was able to create a felt experience in addition to leaving us with new resources to practice when we felt stressed, when we needed to treat ourselves with kindness.


I had been in discernment for about a year at this time about where my “work” would take me next and in this 90 minutes with Kristin I found the answer. It felt like a missing piece of my healing and I wanted to learn more. She mentioned the Center for Mindful Self-compassion was offering training. I knew then I would be attending. 


A decision had been made.  I went back to work, checked out training classes available and signed up for a five day intensive to be held in Joshua Tree, CA in January. This was October and five days in CA in the middle of winter was an added bonus, did I mention I live in MN.


In upcoming blogs I will begin to share what I have been practicing and teaching as a result of this training. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.