Healing the War Within Ourselves


by Rosie Maria Love

Dear Friends thank you to all who joined with me on the 1st January to hold the vision for PEACE ON EARTH! It was a revealing experience for me as I was shown that of course once we heal the war within ourselves the outer will reflect that change. So I spent the 7 hours noticing every judgement and bringing love to it. I did not do this intentionally it just started to happen organically. I saw muderers, rapist, right through to what I would consider mild judgements and I first forgave myself then I held Love for everyone and everything I have judged. I was shown where some people in my life that I am still struggling with are in fear and it brought me to tears of compassion.
I still find myself going in and out of war within my own mind and know that I am willing to return everything back Love. I know I cannot MAKE it happen but I am Willing! I am so deeply Willing to devote my life to awakening to my Divinity. Every Miracle, every healing I have ever experienced has occured in its own time and it an unexpected way. They have occurred from a place outside of my thinking mind and so I open up to more of that Willingness and hand over the rest to Love itself. For me that Love is TRUST! 
Thank you again my lovely Friends of the Heart and every other Brother and Sister on this planet of whom I am totally equal to in every way! I Love You All!