This assessment will bring you greater awareness of your spiritual health. It might also reveal that you may need support from a trusted friend, sponsor, or professional. Talking about what we are experiencing is one of the first steps toward recovery and freedom.  

Spiritual Wellness Assessment

Please select which words best describe how you “feel” at this moment.

Overwhelmed               Comfortable

Hopeless                        Hopeful

Anxious                         Peaceful

Disconnected                Connected

Powerless                       Empowered

Rejected                         Accepted

Meaningless                    Purpose

Low Self-Image               Positive Self-Image


Gratitude and Resentment are indicative personality and character traits:

Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation for anyone or anything.

Resentment is a bitter feeling or even an inability to forgive someone that has mistreated or harmed you.

What is your current level of gratitude and resentment between

1( very little) -10 (a lot)?  Gratitude __________   Resentment _________


Significant Losses:


Death:         When?        Explain the Situation


Relationship:     When?        Explain the Situation


Divorce:        When?        Explain the Situation


Other:         When?        Explain the Situation



What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?


What do you feel bad about?


What do you feel good about?


What would you like the Spiritual Mentor to know?


What, if any, is your relationship with the God of your understanding?